2018 Wedding Promotion

You can obtain a free quote by discussing your event with Nancy.

Call today for your free gift – a complimentary entertainment evaluation (a $100 value). 

Select dates are still available at special rates.

Take advantage of some special rates, by booking one of our limited available 2018 dates.  Prices start at $999. You want everyone to have fun at your wedding, but finding the right DJ can be confusing and stressful. The DJ can have a major impact on the success of your event in a positive or negative way. So, how do you find the right DJ and how much should a wedding DJ cost? Life is beautiful when dreams come true…  Ready to live your dream?   You’ve come to the right place.  We specialize in weddings, we take pride in creating magical moments that will last a lifetime.  We are passionate about what we do!

You should hire a DJ that views your wedding as a once in a lifetime event, not just another “gig” – as so many Disc Jockeys call them.   We encourage you not to hire just any DJ for your once in a lifetime event, the secret to great wedding entertainment is hiring a wedding specialist; you and your fiance deserves that. Understanding your vision, your ideas and your style, we take pride in creating customized events, no two weddings are identical. We enjoy taking the time to really get to know our couples. Creating a unique Disc Jockey experience, is our approach to each and every wedding reception.  Unlike most Disc Jockeys, before we recommend anything, we want to determine what is most important to you for your wedding.

Everyone has very different priorities for their entertainment, we realize & respect that.  We offer a range of rates & packages that are determined by the type of entertainment experience, that we will custom design for you. Our clients believe that their wedding entertainment choice is crucial to the success of an outstanding event.  They view their wedding entertainment as an investment, not an expense.  Your wedding disc jockey will have a major impact on your wedding success. Understanding the true cost of a wedding disc jockey is priceless. If you are looking for a part-time, hobby  “average Disc Jockey”, to just “show up for a few hours” with some basic equipment and CDs, you may want to continue shopping around. Our knowledge, skills, years of extensive experience, level of professionalism, music library & state of the art equipment far exceeds most of the competition. We continually attend regular national Disc Jockey industry seminars & workshops to help keep our ideas & creativity fresh. It is this priceless, continuing education, that enables us to offer the highest level of service & stay ahead of the competition. You have our promise there will be no high pressure sales,  we are not professional sales people, we are professional Disc Jockeys and we love what we do.